Corporate Massage

Massage in the work place is a great way of alleviating physical and mental tension and is extremely popular with staff. Treatments can be conducted in a meeting/quiet room or if space is limited, like in a call centre, shoulder/neck massages can be used at the employees desk space! Other positive benefits include:

· Stress reduction
· Relief from muscular pain
· Improved immunity
· Improved concentration
· Increased clarity of thought
· Increased energy levels
· Improved posture
· Relief from eye strain, headaches and migraine.

Massage is great at boosting team morale and productivity. I range the timings from 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Massages include:


Indian Head massage – this technique concentrates on shoulders & scalp – calming but invigorating, improves concentration.

Desk massage – focusing on the neck, shoulders, arms and hands – targeting posture and focus.

Holistic massage – concentrating on muscular and mental tension – removing stress



Corporate Massage