Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is an extraordinary time. Your body is working extra hard and massage can provide some amazing benefits

  • Alleviates stress and tension on joints
  • Increases blood flow – which provides more oxygen and nutrients to mother and baby.
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system – which also increases immunity.
  • Helps maintain posture
  • Soothing and relaxing for mind and body.

Massage can alleviate many physical disorders and can also work with your subtle energy to leave you feeling deeply relaxed and peaceful, or renewed, uplifted and invigorated.
Holistic Massage and bodywork can enable your body to heal and restore its own unique balance and most importantly, allow you to use your positive energy for living life.

What to expect

As part of your first visit I take a confidential consultation which allows me to build up a picture of you and your needs so that I can create the best possible session tailored to your needs.

It is important to tell me about any constant or recurring conditions, injuries and serious ailments that you may have or any medications you are taking.

It may also help to think about what you want to gain from a treatment such as reducing muscle tension, slowing a busy mind, feeling cared for or stimulating your energy. This is only a few examples of what massage therapy can help you achieve.

Some clients feel uncomfortable with the thought of removing their clothes. As a professional massage therapist I am concerned with your care and well being. Please let me know if you are uncomfortable undressing. There are many techniques which can be used over clothing and still allow the session to be effective for your needs.

During the treatment you will be positioned for comfort according to your choice and trimester. We will use as many cushions and pillows as necessary to find your comfort level and safety.


30 minutes            £30
1 hour                     £45
90 minutes            £60

Gift vouchers are available on request

A FREE and confidential consultation is included as part of your first appointment and this may take up to 30 minutes. Please allow extra time for this.

Recommended at least three sessions